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The Real-Political World in Movies

Episode 18, La Palabra, looks at the challenges and pressures that the media mounts on individuals in power, especially when it comes to controversial issues that require someone in a position of leadership to take a stand. The episode focuses on issues of healthcare and whether to give illegal immigrants driving licenses or not. This is reminiscent of real-life politics since healthcare continually plays a critical role in shaping the credibility of a leader, or the overall manifesto that an aspiring leader is presenting to the people. As an illustration, Obama’s Obamacare was viewed as being revolutionary by some, while being loathed by others. In all, his stance on healthcare is one of the major pillars that define his leadership up to now. On the other hand, the issue of illegal immigration is one of the major headaches affecting most European nations. Almost all leaders and individuals in powerful positions have something to say about illegal immigrants. The most vivid is Tramp’s stand on illegal Mexican immigrants, which led to him being in the mainstream media for quite some time. In all, this just highlights how the issue of illegal immigration is a major facet of the political landscape. Consequently, this shows how La Palabra touches on issues that are easily relatable to the real-life political world. Similarly, King Corn looks at the various intrigues affecting the lives of congressmen and other individuals in busy political offices. The episode is full of the intrigues that these individuals go through. ...
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Each problem is a reflection of what goes on in the society, with respect to the exact issue that any given program focuses on. The paper "The Real-Political World in Movies" tells that, in light of this, some serials offer interesting insights into what happens in the real-life political world…
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