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Canadian Multiculturalism

The emphasis that we look upon the theoretical foundations is of the policies instead of focusing on their historical roots. Another important theory and policy would be that of Interculturalism which involves the acceptance of a multicultural fact and tries to effectively exist in a society thus promoting dialogue and interaction between cultures (Garcea et al, 2008). The constant criticism it has brought forth of the existing policies of multiculturalism and maintains the ideology that multiculturalism failed to include different cultures within our society, and instead it has divided society and has isolated and accentuated their specificity e. g. Québec. The question that arises in particular; Is Canadian Multiculturalism the same as it was before?
Therefore, the primary goal of this paper is to outline multicultural policies in Canada in an historical context. Thus this will relate to the change from the ‘new nationalism’ to a philosophy of multiculturalism as the basis of the national identities of English-speaking Canada. Afterwards, this paper will dive into the exploration of the issues ensuing Québec’s Interculturalism and its discriminatory rights and religious persecution of immigration. The change in context influences the government’s policies towards migrants, which integration to a multicultural policy is the basis of the approach in Canada. Looking further at some benefits of multiculturalism, the policies that it encourages migrants to be able to retain their culture thus benefitting a new national culture in Canada. ...
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When defining multiculturalism it is seen a descriptive term in which it refers to the policies that formed a demography that has come endogenously by the conjunction of two or more ethnic groups into one jurisdiction, e.g. Canada (Roberts et al, 1982). …

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