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Transnational Movements and Ideologies

Civil unrest and internal conflicts threatens the calm in most Arab countries such as Syria, Egypt owing to disunity exerted by the activities of the Islamic movements, each of the Arab nations comprise of different ethnic and cultural values with unique tribal makeup. Each of these tribes has different preferences with regard to governance and community demands. As such, the groups form movements with unique goals and objectives regardless of the ideology adopted. The goals range from demand for various social freedoms such as speech, religion among others to national recognition. Most are the times that the movements are at war with each other following differences that emerge over supremacy. The major concern lies with the tension created among citizens resulting in clashes within the Arab states. The high levels of polarisation in the countries have seen loss of lives, destruction of property among other social and economic consequences. Civil unrest has been demonstrated in various Arab countries such as Egypt, Libya, Syria following the wide spread Arab uprising. For instance, Syria is entangled in a civil war from January to April 2012 after mass protests seeking to establish political reforms.
The evolution of Islam to a political front has seen growing radicalisation and extremism among the masses calling for reforms. This has been seen as the democratisation of the Arab world, which has deepened erosion of governance triggering the aforementioned Arab uprisings. ...Show more


This paper seeks to illustrate the threats presented by transnational movements and ideologies to the inter-Arab state system, which makes it an ideology science essay example. The writer of aims to investigate the evolution of Islam to a political front in most Arab countries such as Syria, Egypt…
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Transnational Movements and Ideologies essay example
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