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Mexican immigration into USA

Currently, a significant portion of the American population is either Mexican or Mexican American following constant immigration of the Mexican citizens into the Unites states of America. Most of the immigrants have found a safe haven in the US after receiving a warm welcome by the American citizens (Borjas 8). However, public opinion in the US has judged some illegal immigrants harshly, many of whom Mexico is their native country. This has been especially so for illegal immigrants.
Recent census suggests that over 12 million Mexican emigrants reside in the US, indigenous Mexicans excluded. Nevertheless, the current Mexican immigration rate in the US is near zero as more Mexicans leave the US than those that come in. Although this trend has ensued due to a number of factors, there are notable differences between current and past Mexican immigrants into the US. In the 19th century over 300,000 Mexican citizens settled in the US following the grisly Mexican American war that ended with a treaty in the year 1848. This incident saw many Mexican citizens migrate from the war Zones to safer places (Borjas 16). This immigration however, extended unrestrictedly into the late 20th century. Back then, most of the Mexican citizens who immigrated into the US Came looking for employment in the construction industry like the railway line. This service was especially important for the American labor market so the Mexicans easily crossed the border into the USA (Borjas 20). A key dissimilarity is that today, some Mexican citizens through the US green card lottery. This was the case in 2011 where the US government granted over 140,000 Mexican citizens the green card to live and work in the US. ...
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The aim of this essay is to compare and contrast modern immigrants and past immigrants, discuss how the popular sentiment in the 20th century affected Mexican migration to the US, and outline the impact of this immigration…
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