Sexuality in Childhood and Adolescence

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Name Date professor’s Name Course Section/# Title: Child Sexual Development: A Personal Discussion and Analysis of Life in Saudi Arabia One of the more interesting aspects of human psychology and physiological development is that it is oftentimes defined and constrained by different people and/or cultures.


Whereas this might be understood in a solely negative and non-evolutionary context, the fact of the matter is that human psychological development was not understood until the past few centuries. Conversely, some of humanities earliest attempts at science and philosophy were naturally religious and social in origin. As a direct function of this, it becomes clearly obvious that the extent to which culture and religion impacts upon a society with regards to defining appropriate mores of psychological development are not by nature inherently good or bad; rather, they merely exhibited an outdated and oftentimes faulty form of defining and constraining human development and behavior. One of the most sensitive forms of human development and behavior that can be discussed is with regards to sexual development. Due to the litany of different approaches, both liberal and exceedingly conservative, that exist concerning sexual development, it comes as no surprise that the level of deviation that exists between cultures the scientific communities, and different religious perspectives is extraordinarily broad. Accordingly, the following analysis will seek to underline and discuss some of the ways in which child sexual development and maturity is viewed within the culture and religion of the Middle East and Saudi Arabia; a culture to which this author belongs. ...
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