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Abnormal Psychology: Eating disorders: Binge eating disorder (BED)

124). However, in studying the nature of obesity and its primary causes, connections to addiction can be observed. With overeating becoming more clearly associated with addiction, it is clear that the nature of treatment should be medical, not based in shame. One of the disorders associated with overeating can be observed through binge eating disorder (bed). This eating disorder is defined through a number of criteria that place the eater in a frequently vulnerable state of uncontrolled eating. Through examination of a case study and in evaluating the patient for the abnormalities associated with their overeating, treatments through both drug therapy and non-pharmaceutical therapies can help to regulate their condition. Relationships between food and addiction have been created through connections to other forms of addiction. ...
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Obesity is often considered a matter of character rather than a matter of health. According to Haddock (2000), “Obesity is often taken as a sign of personal failing…Even though about one-third of the population is overweight, and the causes of obesity are clearly not associated with personal character, the stigma against the obese remains” (p. 124)…
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