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There are important clinical implications if suicide bereavement requires a different set of clinical counseling approaches to that of other mourning. However, there are research studies that contend that differences between grieving states do not always occur, and that when they do they are only slight is only slight (Jordan, 2001).
A popular bereavement model utilised in counselling is the Kubler-Ross Model (1964) (as cited in Kelly, 1997). Kubler-Ross constructed an eight stage model during her work with dying patients, observing their different way of coping with their impending death. Her theory has been drawn on to provide a framework for interventions with people who are experiencing personal loss, such as through bereavement. The fist stage of the model is denial and isolation, and the bereaved make statements such as, "No, not me". The second stage is that of feeling s of anger, so that the bereaved accept that they are experiencing loss. At the third stage the bereaved try to bargain or postpone the full experience of grieving and mourning for their loss. Stage four, they let go of the anger only to feel an intense sense of loss that results in depression. ...
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Each suicide has a dramatic impact on family and friends who are bereaved. The loss of someone of close attachment induces intense grief and mourning, although amongst suicide survivors it appears that a unique emotional response occurs as compared to bereavement for non-violent deaths (Reed & Greenwald, 1991)…
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