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Business Psychology

She had agreed to take up the project without understanding its full implications and the impact it would have on the work force of the branch. Had she sought some more time to understand and perceive the project in its proper perspective, the results would definitely have much more positive and less stressful for all.
Her inability to develop a strong and mutually understanding working rapport with her boss, Liz, has made things more unpleasant for her. Although she had initially shown great enthusiasm for the work, without understanding its full implications, she completed the work through sheer physical strain and mental tenacity and purposeful design. She had expected a word of praise from her boss, which was not forthcoming, since Liz herself was in a stressful state. This created further stress levels since she felt her hard work remained unnoticed by her superior officer.
Further, her boss's demand regarding the Transax Pilot Study Evaluation Questionnaire was ill-timed, since she was just recovering from high stress of the completed project. Therefore, it was but natural, that she would be upset about Liz's attitude towards the work and particularly, the demanding nature of Liz's inquiry which would have put her ill at ease, and contemplate a change of employment.
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Lowered levels of communication abilities with branch staff and employees in sharing across the table with them, the challenges aspects of the new computer project. Inability to get her message across and also how to discuss and solve their problems by empathising with them…
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