Lifting Hatred from Media: Key Concepts in Learned Apathy - Essay Example

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Lifting Hatred from Media: Key Concepts in Learned Apathy

This view has permeated our social fabric since the onset of public media as a tool to train our minds to accept and interpret films, books, magazines, and music according to corporate objectives. Such conditioning works for dogmatic politics which seeks to shape social norms through pressure and conformity. Should we then to ask ourselves to find an alternative to stereotypical corporate agendas as a means to reduce violence and hate on a global level Society's future rests, therefore, in taming the shrew of indecision which tolerates media's inept regard for its audience. How will we conquer this giant that has many arms to hold our attention with a reality that has little connection with human suffering Let's prepare a ship to battle this monumental task of teaching a new conditioned response that upholds empathy in the face of adverse marketing campaigns which reduce sensitivity to violence and explicit sex.
A substantial body of research now indicates that exposure to media violence increases children's physically and verbally aggressive behavior in the short term (within hours to days of exposure). Media violence also increases aggressive attitudes and emotions which are theoretically linked to aggressive and violent behavior (2005 A 4-B).
Can such expert research provok ...
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Behaviorists like Skinner and Pavlov have positively reinforced our mindset with ideals that no longer serve us. They offer a simplistic view of the human condition that seeks to uphold a firm hand on controlling behavior. In their experiments, each used different terminology to describe treating a stimulus as a tool to justify a desired outcome or response…
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