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Because emotion regulation is so important in so many different areas of psychological research, including clinical, developmental, and social psychology, as well as affective neuroscience, attachment researchers have conducted many studies on the topic. Although there are still methods to be tried, ideas to be explored, and loose ends to be tied, the literature already indicates that attachment style is an important construct for researchers and clinicians interested in individual differences in emotion regulation.


In this dissertation, links of attachment theory to psychotherapy have been attempted to be established from literature and the author explores her clinical experience and her own attachment pattern in relation to this.
The attachment system refers to the organization of a diverse set of developmentally predictable behaviours that maintains proximity to the caregiver. It is more evident when the child is distressed, in danger, or hurt. Once an attachment develops, it undergoes transformations and re-integrations with subsequent developmental attributes of the person throughout the lifespan of a human being (Bowlby, 1946, 207-228). According to attachment theory, infants during their first year of life develop attachment with primary caregivers By the end of the first year of age, attachment figures typically are the center of most infants' social worlds. The process of forming emotional bonds with attachment figures is proposed in attachment theory to be fundamentally universal (Ainsworth, Bell, and Stayton, 1974, 99-136).
In 1944, Bowlby, an English child psychiatrist and psychoanalyst published a paper describing his experienc ...
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