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Our identities are influenced and shaped by a number of structures. The key structures being a)the family we are born into b)The nation we are born into and c)our gender. So we may well ask, do we have any control over our identities How can we We cannot control any of the above factors. It's all a matter of
Our family: Our family plays a vital role in shaping our personality. The status and class of the family that we are born into plays an important role. Not only that, the attitudes of our family members set a precedent expectation from us. For example, the number of siblings that you have as well as your own number, whether you are a elder brother or sister, or a middle one or the youngest one will definitely have a greater say in deciding how you yourself turn out to be. Each and every moment of your life that you lead impacts and etches a stamp on your personality.
Our nation: while we are growing up, we are constantly influenced by the environment. Things that happen around us are going to color our thoughts and belief patterns for ever. There is peer pressure which gives life to our personality, helps us in making choices. ...
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Identity: What is Identity Identity is an individuality of a person. There are different structures which have an impact on our identity. Each and every moment that we live shape our identity and in turn it shapes our destiny as well.
It is rightly said," Child is the father of man" What this means in essence is that whatever we experience in our childhood, makes us what we are after we filter out the elements from our experiences that don't agree with our belief system…
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