Psychometric Testing Essay

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The world has radically changed to a testing world. It seems everywhere one goes; one is subjected to a number of tests to gauge ones ability. Traditionally, tests were reserved for students but this has radically changed and tests have been applied to employment as well.


One no longer needs to appear in person before an interview panel to gauge their capability to deliver on the job. Psychometric tests are being administered through the internet as well.
But there have been many critics of the idea of using psychometric test in school and during recruitment. Many argue about the inefficiency of the test to give the rue reflection of an individual. Critics argue than since the tests are academic in nature, it is disadvantageous for those who are not well in academics but can deliver when given the job. But the ideas of using psychometric test have been praised by many people as bringing to the organization the quality they want. Initially many organizations were faced with a problem of recruiting people who could not deliver on their jobs. That is why many people have found it necessary to use psychometric test which tends to focus on the whole individual relative to the skills required for job.
Schools have also found it necessary to use psychometric tests for the student. This is because school exist with an aim of developing the whole individual person. Throughout the developmental period they must find a way of assessing whether students are following the right growth path. ...
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