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Special Educational Needs

Some of these children may have associated sensory, physical and behavioural difficulties that compound their needs.
This calls for the need of definition of these conditions that affect cognition and effect the ease of learning. In this assignment, the different approaches of assessments needed for these conditions will be examined and discussed so as to arrive at the most appropriate assessment strategy to identify specific learning difficulties. Although there are various learning difficulties recognised, the focus in this assignment will be on dyslexia.
Reading is a very complex skill and for this reason it is not surprising to find that some children encounter difficulties in learning to read. There are several identified categories of learning difficulties. These are dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). However, irrespective of the categories or classes, the students with any of these specific learning difficulties will require specific learning programmes designed for them since its has been observed that despite receiving an individualised programme and/or concentrated support, such children continue to make minimal to no progress in specific areas of their difficulties over a long period of time.
Pupils wit ...
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The Special Educational Needs Code of Practice (DfES, 2001a) refers to specific learning difficulties in a section considering 'cognition and learning'. The section also refers to other learning difficulties such as moderate, severe and profound that affect a child more generally and are not therefore specific learning difficulties…
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