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The present study is to report on the gender differences displayed by the males and females on the stroop test conducted on them. The test involved congruent and non-congruent trials conducted on the participants. The total number of trials and the number of correct trails were recorded against each participant for both the congruent and non-congruent trials.


The 'Stroop Test' or 'Stroop Task' is often performed as a psychological test to judge one's mental vitality and flexibility. As per EP Lab Online Measures, "the Stroop task takes advantage of our ability to read words more quickly and automatically than we can name the different colours". The purpose of stroop test is to measure how effectively the human brain works in association with the mental tasks assigned to it. Especially with Stroop test the mental ability of a person involving attention, automatic processing and response selection is clearly assessed. The other purposes for which the stroop test can be put to use are to examine subtle effects of adverse conditions on the brain such as lack of sleep, fatigue or the effects of high altitudes.
46 male participants with a minimum age of 19and maximum age of 42; and 29 female participants with minimum and maximum ages of 19 and 32 respectively took part in the psychological test. The test was conducted to figure out the differences in the mental abilities displayed by the males and females on the stroop test conducted on them. The tests were conducted in a psychological lab and several trials on congruent and non-congruent aspects were conducted by means of visual slides. ...
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