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On the other hand there is some evidence too that expertise plays a role too - as facial recognition for species other than humans is demonstrated by professionals working with those areas ( dog breeders, judges, sheep farmers etc). In this paper we would examine the evidence for against the issue of whether facial recognition is a distinct psychological phenomenon.
Initial studies on facial recognition did not recognize that facial perception was a separate cognitive process. In one of the early reviews form the University of Aberdeen ( Ellis, 1975) it was concluded that facial perception was in no way different from that of any other complex geometrical object. They were however recognized as a distinct category in view of their unique social importance, the association of facial patterns with emotional states and the fact that faces were important in non-verbal communication.
Gilbert and Bakan (1973) were among many others who started experiments with chimeric faces, where one half of a face was combined with its own mirror image to produce a composite image. It was soon apparent form their work and that of many others that our brains have an inherent bias to attribute the half of the face in our left visual field ( the right half of faces) in their perceptual judgment of the owner's identity, personal characteristics and other psychological attributes. ...Show more


Face perception and recognition has been the subject of a lot of recent psychological research. Central to the problem is the question : are faces recognized by us humans any differently than other objects There is recent scientific evidence that facial recognition occurs at a subconscious level, without the subject being aware of it…
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