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social psychology

owerful technique of laboratory experimentation effectively, we must already have gained much understanding by means of other techniques, such as observation of uncontrolled situations and field experiments under less strictly controlled conditions.
From the controversy in above, it is obvious that there is no definite decision whether laboratory experiments are the best way to conduct the research in the field of social psychology. Some scientists believe that laboratory experiments do not help to proceed with getting exact and effective final outcome in the research of one or another issue of social psychology; those are discourse analysts. Others keep the opinion that laboratory experiments is the best way to empirically identify the nature of a social problem as when using cognitive approach towards dealing with the problem is a pledge of its successful outcome.
I will further gradually review each approach in order to define whe ...
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In recent years the field of social psychology has advanced sufficiently so that it is now possible to do strictly controlled laboratory experiments in many areas. What is important is that it is now possible to do these experiments so that they effectively add to our understanding of the dynamics of the behavior of groups in real-life situations.
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