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Infant and Child Development

Easterbrook, M. A., Kisilevsky, B. S., Muir, D. W., & Laplante, D. P., (1999). Newborns Discriminate Schematic Faces From Scrambled Faces. Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology, 53, pp. 231- 241.
Stern, D.N., (1974). Mother and infant at play: The dyadic interaction involving facial, vocal and gaze behaviors. In The Effect of the Infant on Its Caregiver, ed. M. Lewis & L.A. Rosenblum. New York: Wiley, pp. 187-213. ...
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Although children progress along the lines of development together, the often may not. Thus, a child may match the milestones of cognitive development but show slower growth in the social areas. In attempting to define these, this paper will highlight a few small examples in early childhood and adolescent behavior piecing together the normal and a few examples of abnormal behavior. Infancy to age 2 Recent research has changed our past assumptions about the capabilities of infants. We know that there are evidences at birth of complex interactions with the parent or caregiver. (Papalia, 2006)...
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(Pearson Education 1995) A Series of Stages or Gradual Change?. There are any number of books and web sites are available which tell exactly what can be expected at birth, at 3 weeks, and so on e.g Pampers ( 2011). Such information should however be only taken as a general guide. Being premature makes a great difference. A child born after only 28 weeks of pregnancy cannot be expected to be as advanced in size or ability as one born at full term. A chart such as that provided by Baby Development News ( 2006) tells you not ‘At 3 months babies can do this’, but such things as the percentage...
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Infants are highly responsive to any type of behavior and presence. During the first two months of life, an infant looks at the person. During the third and fourth month of life, infant tries to touch and explore manually. By sixth month, an infant responds by smiling and producing sounds. After six months of age, as the infant learns to move around and manages to crawl, social interactions get step ahead in the form of following around and going after other infants. At this stage, infant’s social response is evident in the form of laughter, imitation and other gestures. In the second year...
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Sam was born as a pre-mature child. He was six weeks pre-mature and was born by Cesearean delivery. Due to his pre-mature birth, he was compelled to stay in the hospital for 72 hours before he could be discharged. During the course of his development from the zygote to infant, Sam was subjected to various environmental factors that led him to develop Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder(FASD). This was because, his mom was an occasional drinker during pregnancy. She drank heavily during the last trimester of her pregnancy. She was put through immense stress then as Roberto was laid off from his...
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The department issues the certificate of compliance to an authorized entity. Childcare certified credentials are correspondent to staff qualifications (Decker 10). A director of childcare facility should ensure that the staff has training in childcare such as child development, early childhood education as well as special education. The staff should possess supervision skills, discipline and guidance of children. The staff must have knowledge of child nutrition and childcare program development. Other training includes first aid, fire safety, and lifeguard and water safety instruction. The...
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The major reason why there is a big difference in infant mortality between developed and the developing countries is literacy levels and the impact of technological advancement. The regions that have embraced technological advancement have fewer deaths. The health of the mother and their eating habits also play an important role in the survival of the new born. For instance, mothers who smoke are most likely to deliver unhealthy or under developed child with an increased possibility of dying before the first birthday. According to statistical data, the developing countries or the poor...
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A critical analysis of child’s responses helped in understanding that she was more comfortable with explaining her schema or how she perceived the situation to be. This is precisely the reason why Sally was more relaxed with drawing an image. Asking direct questions at the end made her uncomfortable and she asked for her caregiver. It was apparent that where interviewer was well-versed with the techniques available for forensic interviewing of such child, he had higher expectations regarding amount of information that could have been retrieved which made him highly assertive at the end of...
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