Psycological Theories

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There had always been arguments if personality is natural, or is it attained. Is personality inherited, or is the mind a blank slate (As told by Aristotle) on which nurture writes the character of the person It is also argued that environment, education and culture make up for all the characteristics and these characteristics change throughout a person's life and they are never constant.


Most of his characters and behaviours remain constant throughout his life, as outside environments do not affect his individuality in any way. His individuality is predetermined. From this standpoint, types and characteristics measured with personality are constant and even if we sharpen our wits, types and temperaments to some extent successfully, we can never change them. We do as our genes dictate. As Darwin's theory was applied to this psychological theory, it also implies that our personality connects with the secondary theory of natural selection for survival of the fittest.
Distinct personality and individual differences differentiate a person from the commonalities. One of the main personality theories, Nurture theory, connects with the Operant Conditioning of Thorndyke who talks about conditioning of man, dog or any other animal through conditioning or nurture. Every situation that is connected with the nurturing of a child till it grows up and even later as an adult produces a positive or negative reinforcement of the behaviour in the individual. ...
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