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Essay example - Judge and Jury Decision Making

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In the recent past, psychology has been applied in numerous ways inside the courtroom. This has become so common to the point that it is replacing evidence from religious witnesses. However, there are instances where psychology may not be appropriate. This is because the objectives of these two areas of specialty i.e…

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(Vidmar, 1989, p1-8)
In relation to this, there are also certain factors that have to be considered when dealing with particular issues in the justice systems such as expert testimony. Details of psychology in the courtroom and in other aspects of the criminal and civil justice system will be examined in detail below.
There are certain psychological factors that come into play when analysing the criminal and civil justice system. The first one to be considered is communication. Communication is the transmission of information. It can be divided into three main components. These are; verbal communication, vocal communication and non-verbal communication (Berger et al, 1972, p 241-255)
Verbal communication involves the use of written or oral formats to convey specific messages to other parties. Vocal communication involves all the audible aspects of communication such as tone, pitch of voice, rate of speech, intonation and inflexion. In this form of communication, focus is kept on how the message is conveyed rather than the subject matter itself. ...
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