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Kinds of Intelligence

During the past few years in dealing with intelligence test, I.Q. test perhaps is the most sought upon a test that is being consulted nowadays. The word I.Q. stands for Intelligence Quotient. The website (2007) on the other hand defined I.Q. tests as “Supposedly, it is a score that tells one how “bright” a person is compared to other people. And — also supposedly — the score is an indication of the person’s potential. The average IQ is by definition 100; scores above 100 indicate a higher than average IQ and scores below 100 indicate a lower than average IQ. Half of the population has IQ's of between 90 and 110.” However, their critics who claim that due to the differences of people, dealing with this kind of test would limit the classification of people who are over the prescribed parameter of this kind of test as well as to undermine the people below the measure of the test.Formatted 1997 by Hammil, Don; Nils Pearson and J. Lee Wiederholt, this kind of test is primarily used in the Psycho educational assessment. This kind of test is used for the nonverbal reasoning of people in almost all the age bracket. This test caters for people ranging from age 6-89 years old ( 2005). The major purpose of this test is to weigh the mental capability of a person disregarding verbal practices. In this case, the problem of language barrier of examinees is now resolved through this kind of test as this can be conducted without verbal interaction. ...
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The author of the paper "Kinds of Intelligence" focuses on the instruments that determine types of intelligence. It is stated that there are a lot of measurements to determine the intelligence of a certain individual. It is vital to have a description of the person’s intelligence…
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