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Being a part of a middle class family myself, I have been associated with the people of the upper-class as well as with the people belonging to a lower labor class. The main thing that I observed between these two classes is the basic difference of culture and social order that each of these follow. For example, if I were invited to a Rockefeller mansion for a weekend gathering perhaps, I would try and follow the etiquettes and rules of that upper-class. I would get dressed up in the best possible manner, and might as well follow a certain dress code, if there would be any. I would get a nice perfume to apply on and make my hair accordingly to go with the elegant look. I would improve my table etiquettes also and would even adopt a decent language style for the evening. Because if I won't follow certain rules, I might be termed as bad mannered. The conversations that will go on here are most likely to be related to politics & power, careers & education, and business.
But if I were to go to the fields and work alongside a migrant labor family, my behavior with them would be be extremely different. Like, I would not be concerned about what clothes am I wearing and how do I look like. I would speak and eat freely. I might not even consider whether I am stinking or not and would be much more my ownself. ...Show more


Class differences, color discrimination and the division of people into different social and economic level have been some traits of social class since time immemorial. Earlier, the social class was in the form of the caste system, in which it was impossible for a common man to change his caste…
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