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Michel Foucault

The role of prisons has been highlighted by Foucault as being instrumental in the construction of identity for an individual. Through Foucault's theory of disciplinary power, the identity for normal and abnormal individuals seen in terms of ideal citizen or mad person has been according to him constructed through a broad discursive system of governmentality.
In this analysis we discuss the dimensions and the process of the Panoptic and the implications of social monitoring, define the notions of disciplinary power as in prisons and institutions, link the production of space with surveillance and how spatial limitations of an individual seem to be driven by the concepts of close monitoring and we also provide an analysis of Foucault's perspective on the body/soul and its relations to the modern or contemporary understanding of social regulations. We finally discuss the relationship between conduct and identity through technologies of the self and analyse issues relating the individual to notions of identity and subjectivity. The concepts of governmentality and subjectivity are thus crucial to the understanding of the concept of modernity and the place of a modern man in society.
Foucault gave considerable importance to surveillance that was represented in the space as seen in prisons, mental institutions, hospitals and factories and this is stated ...
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Title: How has Michel Foucault's work on the history of subjectivity, governmentality and space been highly influential in shaping the geographers' understanding of the relationship between the individual and the modern city / identity i.e. the avant garde/ as in geographical discourses.
Author : haleyjeromy

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