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Suicide Risk Assessment

Not infrequently, the mental health professionals fail to do so since there are no standards of care in this field. Exercising a doubt and to err on the wrong side may save a life. Thus mental health professionals need to exercise a systemic approach to critically analyze the risks to manufacture a management strategy in any given patient (Pasnau, O.R., 2005).
Personal Note: In this critically reflective note, I am going to analyze the risks of a patient and describe the risk management while in the clinical area. I cared for this patient in the clinical area, but her identity will be kept anonymous due to ethical reasons. With therapy, the patient reached a socially acceptable level of mental state over the period of treatment, but from my point of view, it was necessary to assess the risks of this particular patient. Acceptable psychosocial state does not preclude the risk of recurrence of symptoms, particularly suicidal tendency that may harm self (Roberts, A.R., Yeager, K., and Seigel, A., 2003). Therefore, as a mental health worker, it was my responsibility to determine the predictability of recurrence of suicidal tendency in this patient in future, far or near, and to develop a strategy for management of such risks. ...
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Introduction: Voltaire wrote in a letter to Emperor Frederick the Great, "Doubt is not a very pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd." Mental health is an area where science of psyche blends with art of cure, mainly based on probabilities. As a result, there must be errors of judgment ingrained in it…
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