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Educational Psychology - Essay Example

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The greatest responsibility of molding a child depends on parents, teachers, etc. Students are the building blocks of the society. Teachers should be well versed in their subject, learnt and should have enchanting character which should influence the child to imitate their teachers…

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Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology

This can be a stepping-stone to the child or adolescent to start bullying their immediate or fellow students and their teachers. Children bullying at tender age may just tease their fellow student, neighbors and teachers but when they grow up with such mentality, bullying altogether take a different meaning and as it expands, date violence, sexually harassing girls.
The very beginning of bullying at tender age should be checked and corrected so that it may not continue up to adult hood. Not checking and correcting at tender age is also a specific reason for adolescents and adults bullying, once children and adolescents taste the sarcastic magic of bullying, it entices and tempts them to whip out their natural behavior by replacing aggressive and power full behavior in to their character. The combination of power and aggression makes them fell supreme. Generally adolescents look to their peers for help all times. If their peers are noble enough then such behavior made declaim in adolescents. But if they are not, then adolescents become most notorious and when they continue to grow which such behavior up to adult hood then bullying will be key component of sexually harassment, gang attacks, date violence critical assault, marital violence, child abuse, work place harassment and elder abuse, another important reason for bullying is getting attracted to such behavioral pattern by children and adolescents this attraction make them form to groups and start harassing every body around them which makes them more power full then as individuals. ...
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