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Essay example - Media Education

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Music has impacted the life of every person in a number of ways, either positively or negatively or both. In this article, the impact of music in my daily life is taken into consideration. In a bid to analyse my daily life and the music in it, three days of work interleaving itself with music is presented…

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The analysis reveals some of the positive impacts that I have had in my life because of music. All this would through light on the nature of impact that music has on lives and the extent to which our life is influenced by music all through our life.
I got up in the morning and was feeling still heavy from the sleep. I switched on the Cool FM which I generally listen to. I listen to all kinds of music. Not that I appreciate the nuances of the music but more because it seems to soothe my thoughts. In the morning, it seems to rejuvenate me and I just sing along and get ready for my day. JoJo's 'This Time' was coming over the air and it had its effect on me. I was alone and the music kept company. The music that ran through in the morning on the Radio stayed with me all through the day. I thought I was not listening. But it was there in the back of my mind and I kept singing otherwise humming it for the rest of the day. On the car too I had my car radio pick up Cool FM to give me company for the 45 minutes drive to office. I reached office at 900 hours sharp. Our office has a mild instrumental classic music playing in the background. The music does not interfere with the work but just has its presence all through in the back ground. Though the music may not reflect the mood of the employees with respect to the pressure on the job, it does have an impact on the behaviour. ...
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