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Councelling Psychology

It touches upon several areas including the ethical issues that are very necessary to be taught to the trainees so as to make them beneficial for the society and the profession altogether.
Career counsellors play an eminent role in developing their client's orientation towards their goals and maintaining a harmony between their professional and personal lives. For counsellors to identify the needs and problems of their clients and to solve them effectively, supervision is required. It implies that for new counsellors to become successful as professionals, they need to obtain guidance from counsellor supervisors and trainers who are experienced in the field. Wheeler and King (2000, p88) illustrate this point as, "there is something very comforting as a counsellor, when working with a difficult client, to know that somewhere in the background is a supervisor with whom the difficulties can be discussed".
As a matter of fact, a client, his needs, his problems, his backgrounds and his psychological state are all distinct from that of the other clients. Counselling all the clients with respect to their individuality can turn out to be a tough task. In such a situation, effective guidance and counselling from a supervisor can be helpful in the career of a counsellor to analyse and resolve client's problems in an efficacious fashion. ...
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Career counselling is a very distinguished aspect of one's career enhancement and enlightenment. It is not only important for general masses entering into various professions, but also crucial for the new counsellors who themselves get into solving the problems of their clients at the initial stages of their lives…
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