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Social Psychology has evolved over many years and many theories have either been discredited over time or attempts have been made to fit them along with new findings. The concept of "Cognitive Miser falls into the latter category, the characteristic itself is defined that most people use the least amount of information or mental effort to process information.


And that is perhaps because it has a particular style and certain characteristics. This serves us well when we are required to make fast decisions. If a snake suddenly appears in a stroll in a forest area, we do not try to determine whether it is venomous or non venomous or what kind it is. We make quick decisions based on what we see. There is an assumption that humans are limited in their capacity to process information and hence are often prone to use automatic processes. Complex problems are simplified to the bare necessities to solve them. Solutions to these problems accordingly are inaccurate at least if compared to an effort where proper processing was done. While the inaccuracy is not in doubt, the concept is not flawed. If the individual is forced to process all the information which is available to him or her and process it with a scientific accuracy and a high degree of analysis , they would be overwhelmed and confused , so in many ways cognitive miserliness is essential. Most just ignore huge amounts of information from the external environment, be it society or otherwise , and make quick inferences and decisions from a basic amount of information which they absorb and organize. ...
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