Rotter and Social Learning Theory.

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Julian Rotter was born in Brooklyn in October 1916. His interest in psychology began however, when he studied Freud and Adler in high school. Having lived through the Great Depression, Rotter was acutely aware of social injustice and the effect of situational environments upon the life of the individual.


Upon finishing his master's degree, Rotter took an internship at Worcester State Hospital in Massachusetts, in clinical psychology. Rotter became one of the first psychologists to be trained in what is now the standard fashion, having done a pre-doctoral internship prior to earning his Ph. D in clinical psychology at Indiana University.
It was during Rotter's academic position at Ohio State University that he developed social learning theory, which integrated personality theory with learning theory. This was probably the most major development of his career, and certainly what he is best known for, as the theory impacted the science of psychology a great deal. In 1954, Rotter published Social Learning and Clinical Psychology.
Another major impact that Rotter had in the field was in the training of psychologists. Rotter had long since held strong beliefs about the education of psychologists. He was an active participant in the 1949 Boulder Conference, which defined the training model for doctoral level clinical psychologists. He argued that psychologists must be trained in psychology departments rather than under the supervision of psychiatrists; this is a practice that is still followed today.
Social Learning Theory argues that an individual ...
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