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Essay example - Conceptualizing the Borderline Personality Scale

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II) Construct domains under study: impulsive, and sometimes self-destructive, behavior; intense, unstable personal relationships; chronic fear of abandonment; distorted thoughts; difficulty controlling emotions.
III) To test the reliability and validity of this test, a replication of the study would need to be conducted…

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VIII) Each item will be scored according to the number circled. A response of 1 equals 1 point; 2 equals 2 points; etc. A score of 36-50 indicates borderline personality disorder. A score between 21 and 35 indicates that there may be some traits consistent with BPD, but there is not enough evidence to say whether the disorder truly exists. A score of 20 or less indicates that the person does not have BPD.
Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a relatively new and controversial clinical diagnosis. It is estimated that nearly 6 million people suffer from the disorder, and yet it is not widely discussed within the psychological community (Roth and Freidman 2003). Why the silence surrounding BPD Perhaps it is because there is no easy treatment. As Roth and Friedman so colourfully put it, "it's difficult to explain BPD in snappy headlines and sound bites to a restless audience wont to channel surf" (2003). So then, why even study BPD Surely, it is just some imaginary psychological problem created to make a certain group of people feel better about themselves. It is just an opportunity for weak-minded individuals to throw the blame for their own interpersonal problems onto someone else. Or is it
Mason and Kreger, in their ground-breaking 1998 book, ...
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