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Systems Approach

General Systems Theory is based on the assumption that there are universal principles of organization, which hold all the systems, be they physical, chemical, biological, mental or social. In this case, while treating a client there is an urgent need to appreciate his behavior as being influenced by a complicated list of determinates, which could be very different, but at the same time, due to the Systems Approach, are similar to all the human organisms.
According to G.A.Kelly, the person-as-clent is 'what he does', and the therapist is primary interested in the client's overall personal construction system within which he structures his world, and builds his relations to such a world. Primary diagnostic work in this case include an outline of the client's existing channels of movement, the prediction of the development of a way how a person will behave, and what factors this behavior is determined by. ...
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The System Approach presupposes that any living organism can't exist separately from its surroundings, because 'organisms are open systems: they cannot survive without continuously exchanging matter and energy with their surroundings' [Kelly, G., p.168]. Open systems are said to interact with other systems outside of themselves, when this interaction has two 'components: input, that what enters the system from outside, and output, that what leaves the system for the environment'…
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