Effect of Television Viewing on Young Children - Essay Example

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Effect of Television Viewing on Young Children

Other studies also corroborate this finding. Psychologists L. Rowell Huesmann, Ph.D., Jessica Moise-Titus, Ph.D., Cheryl-Lynn Podolski, M.A., and Leonard D. Eron, Ph.D., of the University of Michigan undertook a 15-year longitudinal study that concluded that childhood exposure to media violence prompts aggressive behavior later in life. The study was published in Developmental Psychology, a journal of the American Psychological Association (APA). The study was undertaken as a follow-up of a 1977 longitudinal study of 557 children aged between 6-10, in the Chicago area. In that study, the children had listed the violent shows they watched most and were questioned whether they identified with the aggressive characters portrayed in those shows.
Fifteen years later, 329 of those same respondents were asked about the television programs they watched as adults. ...
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Television by itself is not bad; but it does have a substantial effect on children depending on what they watch and for how many hours each day. Often, too much television also has an adverse effect on social development and physical activities. The violence depicted on television can affect a child's perception and reaction to real life; too much television can lead to poor performance in school; favoring television to outdoor activities can lead to a sedentary life which in turn can mean an overweight child…
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