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Child Observation

As matter of fact correction of these deformations at preschool and school age represents essential difficulties and demands much greater efforts and expenses, than their timely prevention.
High-grade development of a child in the early years setting demands an adequate and qualified psychological and pedagogical support from the professionals possessing corresponding qualification. However, nowadays there is a certain deficiency of such experts (psychologists and teachers) able to work with small children.
Today a great attention is paid to a principle of the account of individuality of each child. This principle predetermines the corresponding approach to education, especially in the age of from 3 till 7 years. At first sight, all children of the same age seem similar to each other, but at detailed observation over each of them, we are able to consider born or got particular features or deviations in their development. Some of them may and should be corrected and, on the contrary, observers should provide the best development to positive qualities of a child.
Not all adults working with children are invo ...
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The early years setting is the most responsible period of human life when the most fundamental abilities defining the further development of an individual are formed. During this period such key qualities as cognitive activity, trust to the people, self-confidence, benevolent attitude to people, creative capabilities, general vital activity, and many other things develop.
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