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Developmental Psychology - Book Report/Review Example

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Book Report/Review
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Te main feature of cognitive approach in developmental psychology is the principle of conscious information processing, which means that people not simply receive information and react to it but also interpret it according to the prior experience. Jean Piaget, Lev S…

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Developmental Psychology

One of Piaget's most important contributions to psychology of learning was the idea of children who make sense of reality like inborn scientists working alone on the physical, logical and mathematical material of the world. Children develop cognitive structures on their own through many processes including adaptation, accommodation and assimilation (Pulaski, & Ann, 1980).
Piaget suggested four major stages, or "periods" of human development such as the sensory-motor, pre-operational, concrete-operational, and formal-operational. Over each of these four stages children and adolescents master various types of mental skills, and acquire the ability to use symbols and reason in abstract ways (Huitt and Hummel, 2003). Child's thinking develops gradually and systematically as he progresses through these stages.
Although Piaget admits that children do benefit from interactions with peers, such interactions in his opinion contribute insignificantly to the radical cognitive transformation. Piaget views cognitive development as biologically based process, and does not believe that the child is able to extend their cognitive capabilities beyond their stage of development. ...
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