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Essay example - Sexual Offences

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A lot of the work that has been performed regarding young people who sexually offend has been contributed by a distinguished panel of experts. Their work is best used by those professionals who work with these young people, or by those people who are directly affected by them (Calder, 2009; Hagel and Jeyarajah-Dent, 2009; and O'Reilly, Marshall, Carr, and Beckett).

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In order to identify and treat youth who sexually offend, certain actions must be carried out. There are approaches, techniques, research, and a theoretical overview that must be followed. The following must be taken into consideration:
Furthermore, a comprehensive overview will include quite a bit of work on the part of those affected. This includes surveying literature on recidivism, evaluating the effectiveness of treatment, theoretical issues, characteristics, comparing male offenders against female offenders using an etiological model, assessing sexually abusive youth, using a multidimensional framework to treat subtypes after differentiating youth who sexually abuse, risk assessment, emerging strategies, treatment, working with parents, cognitive-behavioral treatment, an integrated experiential approach to treatment, multi-family group therapy, residential therapy and current practices therein, effectiveness of treatment, recidivism, resilience, and investigating successfully treated youth sexual offenders (Franey, 2009).
"Social learning theory focuses on the learning that occurs within a social context. ...
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