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One of the most wide-spreaded kinds of appeals in BTL and ATL marketing campaigns is sex. Despite of the fact that some products such as perfume and cologne are pushed on the market almost exclusively through sex advertising, actually almost any product can be positioned through links with a winsome woman or a handsome man…


Freud may have overestimated his statement that all people do can be associated with sexual motivations, but his statement have had a great impact in the development of trends and research models about sexual images and consumption models, providing background for the studies about what people drive, what they wear, and what perfumes they use. Scholars from different research directions vary in terms of the levels of meaning they survey and the concerns they develop with regard to sex in advertising. For example, marketing managers are primarily interested with micro-level effects; they are eager to get additional information how sexual images provoke reactions within spectators, and how those reactions impact their behaviour. Important variables consist of the following elements: attention, feelings about the ad and about the brand, recollections, and intentions to buy the advertised product. In this sense, marketing study on sexual images is not only linked with understanding how sex influences processing and buying, but also with providing useful generalizations to support working professionals find decisions about using these appeals. Research in this field rarely reaches a point to estimate the implications of sexual images beyond negative reactions and damage to the brand's image and reputation.
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