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Cognition and Emotions

Cognition is the process or act of knowing and able to make some judgment about it. It is very broad which include a complicated mental process encompassing functions like perception, memory, learning, and problem solving. Cognition includes more than few elements or processes which all work to describe the manner by which knowledge is built up and also how judgments of people are made. The elements related to these processes are: perceiving, recognizing, reasoning, problem solving, conceptualizing, learning, memory, and language (Scienceclarified, 2008).
The individual's ability to comprehend or the cognition ability is necessary for a scientific understanding what human behavior is all about. According to the investigations of various experts, mental processes like association, recall process, and understanding about language are based on the physical relations or interactions of people with their environment, instead of the body which supports the mind; it is basically viewing the body as a support system for a mind. Cognitive structures advance from perception and action like a software (Turing, 1950) which can run on different hardware systems. Human mind can manipulate abstract symbols based on the interactions of people around via his sensory organs as well as greatly coordinated effectors.
Wilson (2002) has six various claims about cognition: 1) cognition is situated; 2) cognition is time pressure ...
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Psychology as a discipline, explores human behavior in various perspectives. It values respect, sensitivity, contextual meaning, human dignity and social responsibility. Although human beings are unique and diverse, they give importance to social relationships at different stage of their lives…
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