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Assertive Behavior

I have begun paying a lot more attention to my social atmosphere around me and have noticed many different traits in all people of all different ethnic classes and economic levels as well.  I think what starts more conflicts than anything else in society is a misjudgment of people based on first impressions and it happens to be one of my own personal fears.  People look at someone and judge them based on how they wear their hair, how they dress, how they speak, and even their body language.  Many disagreements among people could be avoided if they only took the time to open their eyes and look beyond that first impression and get to know people for who they really are, not the superficial aspects of individuals. I personally have my own boundaries and there are certain actions and words that can make me snap and act out inappropriately just as anyone else does.  Some of these are based on specific statements concerning race and economic position in society.  I hate it when people think they are better than someone else simply because they can afford a better car, more expensive clothing, and larger home.  Also, it makes me very angry when people judge someone based on their color or personal beliefs.  Everyone is entitled to an opinion and it should be allowed freely and without worry of being ridiculed or beaten up because of it.  Isolation is a great fear I have and I have a problem with discussing certain feelings I have because I feel I will then have to deal with ignorance and inappropriate attitudes for a long time.  ...
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This research “Assertive Behavior” focuses on the psychological aspects of life which lead human beings into engaging in certain activities and actions. What one might normally do or even think can suddenly change given a certain situation or predicted outcome.

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