Lateralisation Experiment

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This experiment is a psychophysical test procedure in interaural time difference (ITD) and interaural level/intensity difference (ILD/IID) lateralisation. A percept inside the head is stimulated towards the right or left ear or middle of the head. This is accomplished by stimulation of same sound in both left and right headphones (Diotic) or with different sounds in both left and right headphones (Dichotic).


In ITD, a time delay (t) was introduced where the left ear lead at some time while the right ear lead at some other times. This was expressed in delta t which is equal to right ear minus left ear delay time. The sound was lateralised towards the ear with the earlier arriving sound. In IID, a difference in intensity was introduced where the sound was more intense towards the left ear and at some times towards the right ear. This was expressed in delta I where sound lateralised towards the more intense stimulus.
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