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Essay example - Moral Development of the Children

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One important aspect of research is ethical consideration. Ethical consideration ensures the researchers carry out their work in accordance to the set rules and regulation. Ethical framework in research can be described as a set of rules and regulations which protects the rights of subjects used in the research…

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Most children are not aware of their rights and hence can be subjected to unethical researches. It is for this reason that it has become important to ensure that strict ethical issues are put in place for those who carry out research on children.
Ethical consideration is very important as it helps us to make a balance between the potential risks of the research in comparison to the potential benefits that are likely to come out of the research. Ethical issues are particularly important in this respect while one is dealing with the most vulnerable members of the society. In the research work we have a duty of protecting children as our subjects of study. It has been proved that researchers can carry out an effective research through taking into consideration the practical problem they are studying and how it affects the subjects of study and like wise putting into consideration the ethical consideration that one has to apply in the course of the study. (Christ, 2001)
Research has been proved to be one of the best means in which we can study moral development of the child. Scholars have put forward cognitive and developmental psychology which can guide us in studying moral development in children. These theories try to put forward proposition which shows how the development in the brains of the child affects the moral development. ...
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