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How has the social psychology of prejudice enhanced our understanding of learning difficulties - Essay Example

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How has the social psychology of prejudice enhanced our understanding of learning difficulties

Prejudice is gradually becoming unacceptable towards many other social groups, but it is not challenged enough in the case of people with a learning difficulties. These people are not visible members of their community; they exist in the community rather than living as part of it
From this point of viw disbld popl r forcd to liv in socil prison. Whil no on cn objct to cmpigning for 'rights' so tht th prison in which w liv is md mor humn it is only politicl buffoon who blivs tht xploring prisonr xprincs cn ld to mnciption! Nothing lss thn dismntling th prison nd rplcing it with non-comptitiv form of socity cn brkdown th doors which br our mnciption.
I bliv tht w cnnot undrstnd or dl with disbility without dling with th ssntil ntur of socity itslf. To do this disbld popl must find wys of ngging in th clss struggl whr th historicl dirction of socity is fought, won or lost. It is in this rn tht th boundris of knowldg tht hv put disbld popl sid from th 'norml' cn nd hv to b opnly qustiond. ...
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This article explores how social psychology of prejudice enhances our understanding of learning difficulties. In many cases the problem lies that we do not understand others because we different in some aspects.
A major development of recent years has been the inclusion of people with learning difficulties in our Society…
Author : drewflatley

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