Stress and Depression - Case Study Example

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Stress and Depression

Factors like natural intelligence tend to take a back seat especially among below average students in colleges because the problem there lies in the wrong approach towards studies leading to less number of productive study hours and not necessarily with outcome per productive hours. Its for that reason that some poor students may score very high on random IQ tests but fail to deliver in regular tests while students with lower IQ's tend to ace them.
In the present study, two very reliable indices where used as a further attempt to understand the factors governing the level of stress felt by students. The point of this exercise is to measure what influences feelings of stress in students. The aim of this practical is to measure the relationship between stressors and perceived anxiety and/or depression in university students. Two questionnaires were used: the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) and the (revised) Higher Education Stress Index (HESI). ...
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etiology behind success and failure of a student in any setting. 40 students were tested and the study came out to be not significantly different as compared to the original study. Marks and grades secured still remains the main index judging the performance of a student, which though has a big say in determining the future rise of the student in work related to his field of study, but is not always entirely dependant on it…
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