Effect of media violence on children

Effect of media violence on children Essay example
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Of the many critical modifications resulting in our social environment in the 20th century one that strikes out the most is that of the introduction and saturation of mass media. Today our environment is flooded with instruments of mass media such as the television, movies, video games and networks of computers…


Effect of media violence on children

Due to the presence of a significant amount of research that has been done over a period of many years it is seen that an exposure to the violence that has far reaching negative consequences is that of television and indulging in video games; with the significant increases in the violent behaviour of the viewer by being a part of an environment that is flooded with risky and aggressive behaviour simply through massive media exposure.

Before moving on to take a look at the research literature, there are certain factors that need to be stressed upon and highlighted. Firstly, it is the fact that evidence denotes that violent actions rarely result from a single cause; but that there are multiple forces at work which converge over a period of time and add on to such behaviour. Similarly, the effect of violent mass media is best looked upon as one of the many adding factors which influence an individual’s risk for violence. It cannot simply be stated that media violence is simply the sole cause of the violent behaviour. Secondly, to gain a basic developmental perspective on the situation is imperative to gain an appropriate understanding of how media violence has an impact on youthful conduct and how a coherent public health response can be formulated regarding this problem. In certain cases it is seen that youth who tend to be aggressive and indulge in antisocial behaviour do not grow up to be violent teenagers and adults. ...
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