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Effects of Child Abuse

This paper involves discussion and research to find out if the victims of child-abuse remember their cases when they turn older and if it really impacts their behaviors and life in various ways. This paper involves two phases with the help of which, things might get quite clear to understand. The very first phase is the literature review that is the backbone of proposed dissertation. In this part of the paper, academic evidences including term papers, articles, reviews and studies of other researchers are shared and referred to clarify the topic in the best possible way. Considering the ongoing crimes practices of such sort, it is very important to get control over its occurrences. However, the loss that many of the citizens already experienced might impact the mental state or physical health of victims. After reviewing numerous articles, journals, books, newspapers or other sources, it would become easier to analyze the extent of influence over one’s mind of child abuse from childhood to adulthood. In Literature review, referring various researchers would be a great ingredient to pass on to the next stage of real research. In the actual research of this paper, the survey and open questions can be quite helpful.
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Findings from this research will help clarifying the misconception that early abuse has minimal impact on long term outcomes. This would be an important contribution to the existing literature and would enhance social change initiatives through understanding what adults remember as an abused child and how it affects them as being adults…
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