Exercise Psychology: Psychological Factors and Major Issues that Influence Motivation - Research Paper Example

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Exercise Psychology: Psychological Factors and Major Issues that Influence Motivation

There are many questions when we think about these athletes: What makes them succeed? Why are they so motivated? How do they keep their motivation? This research paper will discuss motivation as it applies to professional athletes. It will primarily deal with exercise psychology and how professional athletes keep going even when they do not feel like working out. The paper will also discuss the factors that are involved that create the great athletes that we have today.
The Basics of Motivation
Many scholars have examined motivation and created theories about it. To better understand how motivation works with athletes, it is important to talk briefly about the theories of motivation. People are motivated by different things. As an example, some people are motivated by those things outside themselves such as money, a sense of achievement, or praise from a boss. Other people are motivated internally, which means they receive satisfaction from understanding that they have done a good job or they take pride in their work. These two methods of motivation have been termed intrinsic (inside ones self) and extrinsic (outside ones self). According to Lauricella (2010) applies these concepts to athletes and shows that extrinsic motivation may be the money they will earn or the fact that if they do not do well, they can lose their college scholarship. ...
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John Craftsman was a college professional athlete who played for Anytown, USA. He was a star player and everyone loved him. He knew how to win games, how to throw the other team off his plays and he scored many touch downs. …
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