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Model of Helping

My personal model of helping is a conglomeration of theories and ideas from existential, behaviorism, Adlerian, and person-centered theories, and from the rational-emotive theories. This personal model has been formulated from various models because one theory or model does not encompass the different qualities which I believe I would need in order to be an effective helper. The Adlerian theory basically focuses on the “internal unity of all organisms and their unified functioning as integral parts of larger systems and the entire cosmos” (Sherman and Dinkmeyer, 1987). I would not be emphasizing much on social concerns and interests, but I would be relating to the bigger community – having a sense of others beyond my personal domains. I feel that in having a deeper understanding and connection with others, I would be able to improve my connection with my environment. I also feel that a person’s circumstances of birth and family living have to be considered because there would be times when the functions would be designated and strengthened by societal dictates (Cicirelli, 1994). Family cohesion and grouping has to be considered because the circumstances within a family can impact on a person’s personality and the development of his behavior (Cicirelli, 1994). By understanding a person’s past, it is also possible to establish details which can be used and which can assist me during the treatment process. In effect, as clients have experienced, say, childhood abuse, they may now adopt a cynical perception of the world (Perrott, 2003). ...
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This research paper “Model of Helping” shall consider one particular model of helping; and it shall discuss how and why the author formed this viewpoint. It shall establish his view of helping and the relationship between the clinician and the participant. …

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