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Abducted by aleins

Some of these seem very credible and they show flying objects doing maneuvers that could not be done by a normal plane and in most of the videos the vehicle traveling in the air suddenly disappear.
There are credible justifications for a lot of these videos. The aircrafts people are seeing could be experimental top secret military air vehicles. Other justifications for these videos are natural phenomena associated with lighting or whether conditions. Some of these justifications are credible, but they do not justify the thousands of videos people have recorded across the world. The perspective of aliens being little green men with big eyes has changed. Three alien races that have identified by ufology are: the greys, martians, and reptilians. Some people that believe to have been abducted by aliens describe them as been humanoids, while others describe them as giants (Leonard). Psychologists have to take the alien subject seriously because they may encounter clients that need help dealing with traumas associated with alien ...Show more


The government claims that there is very little evidence to prove the existence of aliens. Their perspective is that there is no physical tangible evidence such as a spaceship or body of an alien to…
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Abducted by aleins essay example
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