Job Description Evaluation

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According to Wooten (1993) the job would be classified as a source job. Despite having a low position in the corporate hierarchy the job I performed was instrumental and of…


She started me on a short training in order to learn how to liquidate trips. I suddenly was responsible for the liquidation of the business trips the managers and scientists took. I was internally recruited to perform a new job function. Training and development was the critical tool that allowed me to become efficient at liquidating trips. My official title stayed as administrative assistant and I did not receive a raise, but the new job tasks were much more intellectually satisfying than filing and copying a bunch of papers. I was developing my skills and I felt that my job function was important to the company. My supervisor was able to fill a need by using internal manpower.
The article, Using knowledge, skill, and ability (KSA) data to identify career pathing opportunities: An application of job analysis to internal manpower planning, was very informative and it provided valuable insight that I could relate to my job as an administrative assistant. I thought that it was interesting that the author mentioned that sixty-eight percent of the KSAs identified as important for performance in the managerial/administrative jobs were also identified as important for the performance in the secretarial/clerical jobs (Wooten, 1993). I use to think that my job as an administrative assistant was somewhat insignificant, but now I realize that the job required more knowledge than I once thought. “Some researchers have suggested that secretarial positions require many of the same skills required by many entry level management jobs” (Wooten, 1993) The article also mentioned that source jobs are the types of jobs that can change in terms of tasks responsibility through the implementation of training. In my experience the author’s premise totally applied since I was given more responsibility in my job after I successfully completed training.
Job analysis can be defined as the process used to collect information ...
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