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Inter-professional Collaboration - Research Paper Example


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Inter-professional Collaboration

Principally, the integrated family court presents a situation of matters affecting the family. It is more comprehensive that other form of cases. This is because the cases are approached from a wider perspective. Consequently, the integrated family court case entail a lot of inter professional collaboration (Community Care, 2009). The paper would be based on the fact that the problems affecting any given family originate from different sources. The case provides issues such as domestic violence, child rights and child labor, substance abuse, psychological and mental problems and social issues. Because of this, addressing family issues would require collaboration of different professionals. It would need the idea of psychologist, physiotherapist, social worker, family counselor, family physician and administrator (Fletcher, 2009). The integrated family court case study presents us with a case involving different individuals and sectors. This means that the intervention strategy that would be adopted must be suitable and feasible to the individuals affected. At one point in the case study, we get an aspect of child abuse. Child abuse is a serious case that must be addressed by a person with a person with specific expertise in the area. It requires a professional who is conversant with different issues related to the child abuse. The person should be able to classify the immediate causes, underlying causes and the basic causes of child abuse. Some of the causes of child abuse may be mental

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and hence the professional with mental skills should be involved. Bai, Wells, & Hillemeier (2009) argues that addressing child abuse entails the efforts of the child welfare agencies and the mental health service provider. From their study, they concluded that a greater number of relationships with mental health providers may help child welfare agencies improve that child’s cognitive health service outcomes. Because of this, they urge the policy makers to enhance information sharing and coordinate the child welfare and the mental health system, and this would bring about positive results. There is also an aspect of domestic violence form the case study. Violence is a complex social phenomenon. Addressing violence would call upon the efforts of various professionals. The first professional that must intervene is the administrator. It is the role of an administrator to stop the violence and take legal action against the parties involved. The administrator then forwards the case to the court where other professionals with different expertise must intervene. There is also social issue. For this matter, the social worker must try to dig out the cause of the social upheaval and then he or she should intervene based on the experience and skills he or she has. It is also clear from the case that the people affected had little knowledge regarding family issues, responsibilities and problem-solving skills. In this case, it is upon the family counselor to educate and counsel them accordingly (Nuszkowski et al, 2007). The need for blood lab technician is inevitable. His efforts would be to give objective information regarding the issues related to drug and substance abuse as well as parenting cases. From the foregoing discussion, it is apparent that the need to involve inter-professional collaboration in the family court cases is inevitable. This is because of the complexity of a human being. Form philosophical point of


Inter-professional collaboration is a form of collaboration that entails pooling up the expertise form different professionals as an intervention measure towards given problems. Inter-professional collaboration is a common phenomenon as far as court cases is concerned. …
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Inter-professional Collaboration essay example
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