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Blum et al. (2011). Generational association studies of dopaminergic genes in reward deficiency syndrome (RDS) subjects: Selecting appropriate phenotypes for reward dependence behaviors. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 8, 4425-4459.
This article explores the role of dopaminergic genes in the development of Reward Deficiency Syndrome (RDS). The study establishes strong evidence connecting D (2) dopamine receptor (DRD2) gene with development of conditions such as alcoholism and substance abuse. This article provides empirical data to support genetic role in Reward Deficiency Syndrome. development.
This article explores different ways of diagnosing and treating reward deficiency syndrome based on a biogenetic model. The study reviews the role of the dopaminergic system, especially the dopamine D2 receptor in the reward cascade. Understanding of this cascade emerges crucial in the intervention of the syndrome using different molecules.
This article discusses the association of psychological stress and disease in a move to clarify on the common belief in the contemporary society that psychological stress leads to disease. It explores the connection of psychological stress and disease as well as different aspects of psychological stress.
This article explores different approaches to psychological stress including causal factors or stressors and ways of coping with this form of stress. The author relates the human brain and response to external stress demands in a move to delineate the overlaps between psychological and physiological stress. In conclusion, this article is ideal in understanding the concept of psychological stress as discussed by different scholars.
This article entails a meta-analysis of numerous empirical articles to establish the relationship between psychological stress and the human immune system. The study establishes that stressor agents can impact on the natural ...
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The study reveals that the condition mainly arises as result of both environmental factors and genetic predisposition.
This article establishes why people some people fear inducing…
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