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My restful score for every morning was averagely seven hours meaning a score of 9 out of 10. Finally, from the experiment done on the two phases of breathing, I can note that it took me almost the same amount of time to fall asleep. However, when I used alternative breathing methods, I woke up more times in the night as compared to normal breathing methods. Conclusively, from the data obtained, hypothesis that alternative nostril breathing works as a natural sleep aid was not supported.
Modern science have acknowledged biological link in alternative breathing. It has been proven that alternative breathing is intricately connected with brain function. Therefore this principle makes sense since when we are practicing it; it balances a chemical in the brain known as the serotonin. Since this chemical regulates pleasure and balances between left and right hemisphere of the brain, it thus relaxes the body.
Both natural and medical remedies for sleep almost work using the same principle. It is about balancing insomnia. By using natural methods such as infusions and bath merely aims at correcting the imbalance in the body so as to avert those symptoms. On the hand, medical method such as the use of hops or even valerian balances the insomnia so that the nervous system can be relaxed. The problem with natural method is lack of belief in such methods.
Scientific methods have mixed reactions from people with divergent views and beliefs. For instance, people from West consider the scientific method as it can be measured and tested contrary to people from East who believe such prescribed medicines are threat to the body.
From the data obtained in A and B above, it can be summarized that it was not predictive to conclude that alternative breathing aided sleep. However, from scientific point of view, the method can act as a ...
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Alternative breathing phase and normal breathing phase are good examples of how breathing can have different effects on various functioning systems of the body. As a result, this paper intends to compare the relations…
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